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Armco Plant
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Armco Plant

Specification of Armco Plant


Corrugated Steel Pipe / Armco Steel Plate (SS400 - SPHC) which has undergone a process of forming Corugation (Corrugation), Pelubangan (Punch) and Curvature (Curving) and in coating with the Hot Dip Galvanize system after manufacturing. Benefits of using Corrugated Steel Pipe: Meet the standard tests for both chemical analysis, physical properties and galvanized thickness. Easy and inexpensive transportation. High service life a Hot Dip Galvanize Coating. Cost Efficiency 60 ~ 70% cheaper than concrete. Does not require expert & minimal supervision Fast and easy assembly process. Suitable for cash program projects. Eco-friendly material: 100% recyclable. Earthquake resistance because it uses the Bolt Connection system. Suitable for peat soil conditions Specifications: Application of Corrugated Steel Pipe / Armco: Drainage / Culvert channel Bridge Close conveyor Silo Underpass Stockpile Tunnels Sdan Tunnel in various soil conditions. Dimensions and Types of Corrugated Steel Pipe: A. Type Nestable Flange E-100 B. Multi Plate Type For further information, Request for Quote, Product Specifications, and Product Order, you can directly contact the number listed, and can immediately send messages and can visit our website at

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