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Nestable Flange (NF)
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Nestable Flange (NF)

Specification of Nestable Flange (NF)

Nestable Flange CMP

is the simplest type of Corrugated Steel Pipe product. This type consists of 2 semicircular steel plate tiles combined using a bolt to form a full circle.

Sable Properties Flange Properties:

section nestable

Nestable Flange E-100 Dimension Table:

Table nestable

Applications of the Nestable Flange Type E-100 :

  • Drainage
  • Water tunnel
  • Small Span Bridge
  • Close Conveyor, etc.

Product Specifications Nestable Flange E-100 :

  • Diameter: 450 mm - 1800 mm
  • Sheet Thickness: 2.0 mm - 3.5 mm
  • Standard Plate: Length 1000 mm
  • End Section: 250 mm & 750 mm Length
  • Minimal Back Fill: 60 cm

Layable Design Nestable Flange E-100 :

standard design nestable

example nestable

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